The coins

[Post New]by angelize47 on Aug 23, 13 1:09 PM
I am new to the match 3 games and have enjoyed all of the ones I've downloaded so far, but this one confuses me with the coins. I understand what removes a coin at the bottom, but how do I get the ones on the top row to go away? Even when I make several matches touching them next to or below, nothing happens until sometime later, they start to go away, but I don't know what I did to make that happen so I can do it again. I can't advance any further until I know what makes what happen. Didn't find a help screen either so I'm relying on you. Thanks!!!

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Re:The coins

[Post New]by FRHgames on Aug 23, 13 10:24 PM
Dear Angelize47,
First of all, can you tell me the level number? It is at the top of the screen.
Actually, if you make a combo adjacent to the coin, it should be collected.

However, there are 3 exceptions:
1) If coin is hot, you should make an adjacent combos with water drops to put it down first. With the next adjacent combo you will pick it. I think, that's your case, so please pay your attention that there are HOT coins and usual coins. You should make adjacent combos with WATER DROPS to put them down first.
2) Branches. If you create adjacent combos, first combo destroy the branch and the second combo pick the coin.
3) Chains. Move the key down to the coin. As soon as the key will fall on the blocked coin, it will be unblocked and you can pick it as usually - making adjacent combos.
Hope it will help.
If it will not help you, let us know on which level you are.
Happy playing!

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