Humanitarian Aid - had it, but gone now?

[Post New]by ChiGal0816 on Aug 24, 13 10:57 AM
So I got the humanitarian aid container on the 2nd island. Started filling it, but then went to the 3rd island, as that was another quest I had at the time. When I went back to the 2nd island, the container is gone (along with all the tents and stuff). It's not back in the storehouse. How do I finish this quest now?

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Re:Humanitarian Aid - had it, but gone now?

[Post New]by elena517 on Aug 30, 13 12:40 AM
You can't, because when you go to another island you lose all the things that you had on the previous one.
Sooner or later on the new island the game will require another humanitarian container and then maybe you'll be able to clear the quest, I don't know...

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