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stuck on level 13

[Post New]by haeb on Aug 25, 13 11:24 AM
stuck on level 13 any help would be appreciated


Re:stuck on level 13

[Post New]by ladychiara on Jun 29, 14 1:15 AM
Sorry I can't help. I am also stuck on level 13. It seems the only thing I can do is click on the treasure chest to the left of the hut. This gives me 16 food which isn't enough to do anything. I can't see anyplace to get more food or wood. I don't have enough food to collect rocks. The only other thing I can click on and do something is the damaged hut which I can demolish but I still don't have enough resources to do anything else. Or am I missing something. Hoping somebody can help with this. Very frustrating.


Re:stuck on level 13

[Post New]by ladychiara on Jun 29, 14 2:19 AM
Ok searched a bit more and found this further down the forums.
ricoblade wrote:Hi - try this:

- Open Chest
- Demolish Burnt Hut
- Trade 25 Wood for 80 Stone
- Build 3 Farms
- Clear the Stones to the Bandit and the Market
- Build the Market
- Clear all the other Stones
- Trade 200 Stone for Wood x2
- Pay the Bandit
- Open the Chest
- Trade Mana for Stone
- Trade Sandalwood for Stone
- Build 3 Quarries
- Trade 200 Food for Wood
- Trade 50 Sandalwood for Mana
- Build 3 Statues
- Upgrade 3 Statues

Hope that helps!

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