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How long is this game? Or how many chapters?

[Post New]by Melymc on Aug 25, 13 11:27 AM
I want to make use of the special, but it seems both of the new CE games are short. I don't know about anyone else, but it is VERY frustrating that they are not allowing us to see how many chapters are in the strategy guides any more unless you buy it. So if anyone could let me know how long it took them to play this or how many chapters there are I would appreciate it! Thank you for your help! Have a good day!


Re:How long is this game? Or how many chapters?

[Post New]by blueeyedgirl1301 on Aug 25, 13 12:56 PM
There are 6 chapters plus a bonus chapter. I had to replay the game because of a bug on the last chapter. The first time playing, it took me around 4 hours or so to get to Chapter 6. The second time playing, I rushed through, especially since I knew where everything was supposed to be used, it took me about 2 hours.

So if you go for achievements and take your time enjoying the game, I'd say it's probably about 6 hours worth of play time, give or take.. depending on how good you are at HOG's. I like to take my time on ERS games because I love the scenery and artwork. It's my favorite game company, along with Blue Tea Games.

I think it's worth it and I think you'll enjoy it! To me, you can never go wrong with ERS and Blue Tea Games!

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