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FYI: Not compatible with Windows 8

[Post New]by Magovani on Aug 27, 13 8:20 PM
I've skimmed through the topics here and haven't seen anything about this issue. My apologies if it's already been raised.

Big Fish's product page for RTMI reflects that the game is compatible with Windows 8. When I installed it on my Windows 8 computer, it ran successfully for 3-4 minutes after which I received a message saying there was "a problem" and that the game would be closed.

I tried switching to WinXP SP3 compatibility mode -- the game ran great on my XP rig -- but the same thing happened.

I tried running Win8's compatibility wizard (or whatever it's callled) and was told to use WinXP SP3, which I was already doing.

After jumping through a few more Microsoft hoops, I was told that RTMI is incompatible with Windows 8.

I thought I'd share my experience, FWIW.

BTW, folks who have PCs and aren't using Windows 8 should stay as far away from it as possible. It's garbage.


Re:FYI: Not compatible with Windows 8

[Post New]by lenibjerg on Sep 20, 13 2:25 AM
I agree that Windows 8 leaves a lot to be desired. What a mess, but that is a different issue.
I am not a computer wiz , so I do not understand what you have been trying, but running Win8 too, this is how I solved my problem running the game.
Initially I followed the guide on getting help from the very helpful BigFish Team, first checking that all my drivers were current, then sending them a file (see Technical Issues in the Customer Support section for details on this). The solution to my problem was that in the game, I had to, in Options, change the setting from hardware to software, top button. This worked for me, hope it does for you too.
With kind regards

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Re:FYI: Not compatible with Windows 8

[Post New]by Magovani on Nov 4, 13 2:48 AM
Thank you, Leni. I had seen that same solution a few other places in these forums, so I decided to try changing "hardware" to "software." Now the game won't run at all.

I made my first post after I'd installed the game using the actual software, which I'd bought shortly after the game was released. I had emailed the publisher three times to see if there were any plans to make RTMI Win8-compatible. I was ignored.

This past weekend, I decided to buy the game again from Big Fish as the game's product page says it will run on Windows 8. Before I made the above hardware/software change, the Big Fish version was acting the same way my original install had acted. It was unplayable. It still is.

I guess my best bet would be to contact tech support. I should also send Microsoft a thank you note for making almost all of my games incompatible with Win8.

Thanks again for trying to help.

Update November 13
After I'd tried everything I could think of, the game still wouldn't run on Win8. I sent tech support a detailed account of what I'd done, and received an answer with a couple of other suggestions. If those didn't work, I was given a choice: to continue troubleshooting with tech supoort, or receive a free game.

I tried the suggestions and they made no difference.

There are so many things wrong between RTMI and Win8 (at least for me; I got a whole slew of access violations, error codes, freeze-ups and messages from Win8 either saying there had been "a problem" or telling me RTMI is incompatible with Win8) that I seriously doubt I'll ever be able to get it to run properly.

Seeing as how I'd already bought the game twice and was still unable to play it, I opted for the free game. Someday, perhaps, I'll be able to find a used computer that runs XP so I can once again play all of the games I have that Win8 refuses to run.

I'm offering my experience for the benefit of anyone else who has Win8. It's possible RTMI will run properly for other Win8 users, but there's also a possibility it won't.

I consider Big Fish to be blameless in this situation. I blame Win8 and Microsoft for all of it.

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Re:FYI: Not compatible with Windows 8

[Post New]by G0uranga on Mar 12, 14 5:31 PM

I'm having that problem, too, with windows 8. Have you tried downloading and installing Virtual Box by Oracle? You can run windows xp inside it, if you have still got an xp installation disc, and use all your xp games and programmes. There are various settings for enabling your disc drives, etc.

Good luck...

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