How do you name a Pet?

[Post New]by uca_rabbit on Aug 30, 13 11:57 PM
I have a Balloon Kitty, but I don't know how to change the name to something personal. I've noticed on Amicus Isle, many of the Bush Whackers have pets with personalized names.


Re:How do you name a Pet?

[Post New]by kstormgemini on Aug 31, 13 12:30 AM
Go to the Commons, over where the other critters are in a pen in the upper right hand corner of the clearing. There's a man and a woman there. (in case you haven't gotten a regular pet before/yet and don't know about Misty)
Talk to the man, he'll give you a list of options of what to do. One of them is renaming your pet. Hope that helps.

:edit 1:
~this is, of course, assuming they're where they are for those of us who've done any of the pet quests... I'm not sure if the man is there before you do any of the regular pet quests or not. I don't remember now. If not, maybe the woman will be able to help.~
:edit 2:
~Was just reminded that until one has built the stables for Misty, not much can be done having to do with pets. So if you haven't built the stables, it's a fair bet that you won't be able to rename your kitty until you do.~

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Re:How do you name a Pet?

[Post New]by uca_rabbit on Sep 3, 13 1:39 AM
Thanks kstormgemini - it does help. I am still in the process of building the Stables..I think. But now I know where to go. This game is really neat, where you can name your pets and such.

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