Life Quest 3

[Post New]by Jiggly_Puff on Sep 1, 13 1:13 AM
Will there be a new game, life quest 3? I already finished the life quest 1 and life quest 2 and still want for more challenges! LOL.


Re:Life Quest 3

[Post New]by FalseZen on Jul 29, 14 2:26 PM

Life Quest 2 is my favorite game here. I really hope they continue, and make another sequel.

As long as it's like Life Quest 2, and not 1. Life Quest (1) was no where near as fun as the second. Every time I start playing it, I have to force myself to stop. It's addictive and fun!


Re:Life Quest 3

[Post New]by loops82 on Aug 30, 14 9:49 AM
I agree. I've played all the others too, I am addicted to this game format. I'm just hoping that they come up with another. I've played the other smilar ones at least 10 times now, it's no longer a challenge.

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Re:Life Quest 3

[Post New]by sullyr33 on Sep 29, 14 10:40 AM
i would love to see a 3rd one!

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