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The arch in the cave

[Post New]by Debbi190 on Sep 1, 13 8:50 PM
I am at the end of the game, I cant put the block in the arch. It just goes to mini game and with out the block It will not solve correctly. I had problems with the crypt and created a new player, I have made to here only to have another problem pop up. Is anyone else have the same issues.

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Re:The arch in the cave

[Post New]by eponym on May 22, 14 3:25 PM
I could not complete this puzzle either. I had the right answers it just would not allow me to put in the runes. I used the strategy guide as well as the forums and finally had to use the skip button. Oh the horror!!

The game has had a couple of bugs but until now nothing I could not work around. I am still loving the game, I am just frustrated.

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