First Level?

[Post New]by Cind5061 on Mar 7, 09 10:33 PM
I am on the level right after the tutorial. The one with the shoe houses. How do I get past this? Where do I find the level goals? I keep playing and have made a lot of money but I stay in the same lvl. Anyone out there with an answer?


Re:First Level?

[Post New]by pnbqueen on Apr 8, 09 4:56 PM
I too am stuck in the shoe village. I haven't been able to put the competition down which means I am not making money. Have started over twice. Any help would be appreciated.


Re:First Level?

[Post New]by MedicNLa on Apr 12, 09 7:20 PM
The goal of the level is to drive your opponent out of business. This is done by ultimately taking all of his customers and bankrupting him. The objective can be found in bold under the reports tab before or after a day is complete. The objective will be in bold directly underneath the heading "Daily Results" under the financial side tab.

Now the easiest way to do this that I have found is to not hire goons intially. Instead spend the money that you have on 1.) up grade your potion maker 2.) spend at least 53 dollars on research to knock the next potion down to 10 days. 3.) spend at least 70 dollars on advertising (no goons though) 4.) buy as many supplies as you can with what you have left. Make sure you also set your price per potion to at least 56 dollars. You may run out of supplies but you will turn a profit for the day. This should give you a fairly decent start. Just keep tweaking prices and advertising on a daily basis and buy supplies as needed. Do not hire any of the freelance locals yet either. Save those for later in the level.

After you have a firm foothold with minimal loans and a couple of upgrades (potion maker, storage, and corporate mole are the most vital) and are begining to end each level with about 500 dollars after supplies are bought go and hire some goons. This will help cut down the customer base for your competition even further ultimately leading to their downfall. When I use goons it is normally to finish off an opponents customer base. Therefore I tend to use goons that directly take people away from said store. In this level for instance i crowded three persuasion trolls around the front door of the opponent and put a magic carpet right in front of the door. This help cut their constant ten customers eventually to ones and twos. You can check all of this in the graph section under reports.

Once this is done it is only a matter of time until they tank. Use the coporate mole every turn and make sure to undercut their prices by at least 5 dollars. If there is enough room between it and my cost I like to drop it to ten under. Kind of have to use your sense here. If his price is ridiculously high and you undercut it by 10 and the forecast is only showing say 20% you still won't make any sales because even your reduced price is to high. You'll get the feel for the pricing after some game play and won't have to think to much about it. But for the most part the mole gives you a pretty good starting block.


Re:First Level?

[Post New]by MedicNLa on Apr 12, 09 7:24 PM
The only other thing to do on this level that will help you shut down the opponents business is about midway through the level you will be prompted by a pop up screen telling you about a letter. Make sure to read the letter and go to the party. After the next day of business you will see another pop up screen telling you how the party is going. Make sure to sabotage the party. It doesn't matter which option you chose to do so just as long as you pick one. This is a blow to their store reputation and helps you rake up that much more business. =) Good luck and ask if you have any more questions!

Hope that helps...

P.S. This format can be followed throughout the entire game. I have found that advertising is more cost effective and works far faster than advertising goons. I beat the final level following this very format. Also the competition will not use goons until you hire some. Just a little helpful hint...

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Re:First Level?

[Post New]by jediliz on Jun 30, 09 5:00 PM
don't sabotage the concert. Offer to help. Your reputation will increase (at least it did for me). And then you won't have to pay as much for marketing.

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