Gas mask

[Post New]by chantellmunoz on Sep 4, 13 9:46 PM
I just got the thimble out of the chest and I am stuck. when I use the hint it tells me to use the gas mask to protect myself from the poisonous mushroom. I can't find the gas mask anywhere!


Re:Gas mask

[Post New]by thesoundofmusic on Feb 1, 14 1:48 AM
I,m stuck in the Arboretum...with a poisoned mushroom..I cannot find the Gas mask!!!!And without it I cannot move on. Who ever is reading this give me a clue.
I have played the game twice in case I missed something but I didn't cause the first time I was stuck in the same place....Help!!!!!!!!!!


Re:Gas mask

[Post New]by cinderella7671 on Jul 25, 14 4:15 AM
I myself am trying to find this mask! Any help out there?????????????

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