Cant see my mouse pointer in game..

[Post New]by dollhouse313 on Mar 7, 09 11:56 PM
I cant see my mouse pointer in the game.. Its hard trying to guess what im clicking at. Is this how the game really is? is there a way for me to set it to where my pointer is visible..

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Re:Cant see my mouse pointer in game..

[Post New]by castellerin on Mar 20, 09 6:00 PM
Do you have a 64 bit computer as opposed to a 32bit computers? 64 bit is better but many of these games have cursor and mouse problems on the 64 bit. I have a 64bit that I often try to download games and the cursor is either non existent or all squirrelly and if I download it on my 32bit computer it works fine. Eventually all games should work on a 64 bit...... but like with mac, they are not there yet.

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