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16 collectibles, not 15.

[Post New]by tammytheo on Sep 7, 13 11:42 PM
Wow! This is a great game! There is an omission in the SG though regarding the collectibles list. Throughout the game we supposedly have to find 15 statuettes, 12 in the main game and 3 in the bonus chapter. The thing is that the main game has 13 statuettes and the list in the SG does not include the 13th, which is the last of the main game, so the whole game has 16 of them and not 15. I haven't played the bonus chapter yet, only the main game.

If someone is interested and wants to collect all statuettes, by the way if you don't find some of them you can't reveal the part of the story in which they correspond to, this is where I found the 13th statuette: Possible Spoiler At "the alley" location there is a chest, under the tree at the right of the screen, in which you have to do a little lock picking in order to open it. After doing so you get the unicorn statuette, along with some other items, the one that the SG does not include. End of possible spoiler

I'm posting this in case some of the players rely on the SG list to find all the collectibles. I do this sometimes myself to make sure I haven't missed any. I wonder if anyone else has noticed it. I've checked it again and again until my eyes almost popped out!

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