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Bedroom Nightstand Handle Codes

[Post New]by MEnr56 on Sep 10, 13 1:00 PM

Unless I'm missing something there's no indication whatsoever as to how to open any of the drawers -- the 3 handles can turn any and all which-a-way and I've seen nothing in the journal nor on any wall that shows you how to open the drawers.

As I've not seen anything in the forums concerning this I'm thinking that I might've missed something; if so, could someone direct me to the code or just inform me (and others) what it is?

Thank you



Re:Bedroom Nightstand Handle Codes

[Post New]by sheepqueen on Aug 3, 14 9:08 PM
Turn to the mirror. Turn the chest of drawers handles according to the picture with a dragon (the upper handle – 1 click, the middle one – no click, the lower one – 3 clicks)

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