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UPDATED PC version now available! September 10, 2013

[Post New]by bfgSeine on Sep 10, 13 1:46 PM
Hi everyone,

Great news! A new PC version is available for The Snow! This latest version fixes a freezing issue that occurred after launch.

To ensure you are playing the newest version, please uninstall and reinstall the game. Steps on how to do that can be found in the following help article:

Uninstall / Reinstall a Game

If you have any problems with this game, you can contact our Tech Support Team with any further questions or concerns.

Happy gaming,


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Re:UPDATED PC version now available! September 10, 2013

[Post New]by FishyFemale on Sep 11, 13 12:43 AM
Yay!!! I can't tell you how thrilled I was to read this thread! I wrote a scathing post in the technical section about how I was able to play this game on another game site with no problem and had nothing but problems over here during the trial. I just finished playing the trial here (I still had 41 minutes left after wasting the first 19 on staring at a frozen blank screen each time I started the game) and had no problems whatsoever. Thank you big time ! Now I can happily say I'll be buying The Snow from this website.

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