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Level 10-5 , please help!

[Post New]by FeyKina on Sep 10, 13 6:33 PM
I have had to re-start level 10 three times now, always get nailed at 10-5 with the flame thrower guys. Having to pay for planks and arms is rough, how can you stop the fireballs and still afford jack cannons?
I have used in previous levels silver chest only (have plenty of gold saved up) , planks, jack cannons, pink spinning cannons, bombs, tiny orange cannon and upgrade and torch for the "Zombie guys" and freeze cannon . But in 10-5 I barely have enough to get the jack cannons up, then the fireballs come and wipe them out, no time to buy planks and shields.
I am willing to try one more time if I can get a clue as to how to pass this level...anyone out there?


SPOILER - do not read if you do not want solution/s

[Post New]by Sapphire_Glints on Oct 1, 13 9:55 AM
Done the entire game twice and the hardest I found was level 9 and level 12-10.

Can't see 10-5 screen because it does not let me suddenly jump to any level, but here is what I think has worked for me :

1) Silver nugget chest, 2) blue little cheap cannon (25 cents or free in rainy weather - this works great in nearly every level; even if a pirate has passed and you place it behind, it shoots powerfully from behind!), 3) large bomb, 4) barrel,
5) if there is an invisible pirate at that level, only then I use jack cannon, otherwise I grab the Smart Gun which shoots in all directions 6) Pirate Flag (this is super-terrific to get rid of an entire oncoming line of pirates, even the strongest ones, except for the invisible ones which jack cannon bombards- I generally used this in all levels where I have a spare slot) 7) TNT 8) small cannon 9) wood.

Hint for all levels: collect gold stars on the easy levels so that you have an extra slot for a good weapon in the more difficult later levels. Believe it or not, I collected 99,999 gold stars and had that many left at the end of the second time I won the game!!

I start my level by collecting silver stars, placing the chests furtherest left, filling the entire line with chests.

I try to have at least 11 chests in every level. If i lose one, I replace it quickly.

Whilst collecting these stars and chests, look to the right and when you see a pirate coming, place a little blue cannon in that line, at the very furtherest right near the water on YOUR SIDE (not where the pirates come from).

Whilst collecting chests and placing blue cannons as each pirate approaches, mend some of the broken wood too, before the level gets busy.

By the time the stronger pirates appear and the flame thrower, you should have collected at least 350 points and at least one of the bombs.

I place two wood pieces beforehand at second and second last spots where pirates come from. As soon as I see the flame thrower, I place a bomb on either one of the wood pieces before he has a chance to throw, and that gets rid of him for quite a while.

If you have invisible pirates in a level, you have also to keep placing jack cannons in each row, before level gets busy. If no invisibles, just place a Smart Gun right in the middle of your board. One or two of those takes care of bad situations very nicely, I have found

This is one of the nicest games I own and I own many !!! Hope you have fun!!!!

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