syberia ll walkthrough

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Re:syberia ll walkthrough

[Post New]by twohakens on Oct 10, 14 4:41 AM
I am stuck at the clock, Ive tried everything, I set the clock to 7:15 and pulled the right pengalum now all it says is its stuck ive tried everything and can not get it to unstick and any suggestions would be great

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Re:syberia ll walkthrough

[Post New]by blblb on Oct 16, 14 12:11 AM
I'm not right at that point now, but as long as I remember...

Did you first set the clock (the Roman number under the two dolls) to 2:45, click on the dolls, and then on the pendulum? Then the clock should start ticking.

When the clock start ticking, click on the hanging cylinder on the right.

Finally set the clock to 7:15 and click on the bell between the dolls.

Hope this works out.

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