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Contraband--Multiple Spoilers, NOT hidden

[Post New]by GeorgeTSLC on Sep 11, 13 1:53 PM
As you will (or should) notice in the upper right-hand display of the buy/sell screen, four inventions, namely mead, wine, weapons, and (in Olympos) ambrosia, can thereafter be bought only in the port where invented, and you risk confiscation in any other port. Even if you've bought the documents to confuse the officials with--and in the case of Theophilos the Cynic, "Phil", even Herakles' own ring to intimidate them with--after a very few experiments I decided the risk was so high that, unlike contraband in the Caribbean version of Tradewinds, called Tradewinds 2, none of them are worth carrying around.

I could, of course, have been particularly unlucky, so your results MAY very well vary.

I also failed w/ a strategy that's very successful in Tradewinds 2, namely, stowing contraband in a warehouse, w/ zero risk of confiscation, and waiting until the price goes up. That failure was because the price never went DOWN to anywhere near a minimum on any of the four products, so I never bought. Since prices are highly random, that strategy might well succeed another time.

Note that it requires the product to originate from a Gymnasion in a port that has a warehouse available. The only choices are Athens and Olympos. So in the game where I tried it, I never donated to Inventors in any port other than those two. (Once you've been shown an invention offer, even if you decline it, that's the only port it will be available in for that character on that pass.)

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