Level 31

[Post New]by Kirspanky on Sep 11, 13 8:26 PM
How do you get enough happiness to cheer up the leprechaun? Even if you build gardens, the bees prevent you from getting the happiness points. You can't get rid of the bees until you cheer up the leprechaun. Help!

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Re:Level 31

[Post New]by bfgBaikal on Sep 12, 13 3:50 AM
Hi Kirspanky,

I am happy to offer some help if I can.

Demolish one of the lower chalets and replace with a sawmill
Add a garden to one chalet to counteract the negative happiness you start off with
Add gardens to the uppermost chalets for 100 happiness
Then you need to add a dwelling plus a garden to each of the floating building plots
This will give you the 200 happiness to pay the leprechaun
Then build the beehives
After stockpiling enough wood to build a cabin with a garden, demolish the sawmill and replace with a cabin + garden to gain 400 happiness.

Hoping this helps and happy gaming!


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