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The Cup of Hermes or Thanatos' Scythe Can Be a Trap!

[Post New]by GeorgeTSLC on Sep 12, 13 9:46 AM
Under "Tips and Tricks for Tradewinds Odyssey" in this forum, I wrote, in good faith:

"The 12,000-dr. Cup of Hermes gives you a 10% discount for ship Blessings at the Altars. This won't pay for itself very soon while you're sacrificing only Salt and Olives, is arguable for Fish ..., but could be nice once you're into Wheat and especially Metals. ..."

True, but only if you watch out. The Olympian gods were never scrupulous, and a VERY interesting reflection of that happens here.

An example to make the problem clear.

The base rate for one Hades Fire use is 20 Salt. So the discounted rate is 18 Salt. And w/ the Cup, if you have only 18 Salt, you can get 1 use (which of course you couldn't w/o it).

But if you have 20 or more Salt at the time, then when you sacrifice for 1 use, Hades still takes his full 20 Salt from your inventory!

The same pattern holds for any number of each ship blessing.

Not a big deal, perhaps, for 2 barrels of Salt that sell for 10 or even 100 drachmas. But 3 units of Metals can be worth over 4,000 drachmas.

So whenever you have more goods than you absolutely need for a sacrifice, in order to benefit from Hermes' Cup you need to sell off any excess--and if appropriate, buy it back after you've returned from the Altar!

(Edited for greater accuracy.) Admittedly this will mess up the Avg buy-price. But I almost never rely on that stat anyway. (For high and low prices, I consult my spreadsheet, w/o which I wouldn't want to play this game.)


Thanatos' Scythe, which Daimonea acquires during her investigations, and which cannot be sold to a Reliquary, gives a 20% discount, but it too allows the maximum rather than the discounted prices when excess commodities are available.

That 20% is non-cumulative with the Cup of Hermes, so if you've already bought that when you pick up the Scythe, you may as well sell the Cup back at the usual used price.

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Re: The Cup of Hermes or Thanatos' Scythe Can Be a Trap!

[Post New]by GeorgeTSLC on Sep 12, 13 9:20 PM
Also for Daimonea:

"Theseus' Thank-You Gift", a pendant alleged to reduce the buying prices at Reliquaries, has in fact no effect.

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