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Earning money?

[Post New]by mythlady on Sep 12, 13 5:50 PM
Since I've already bought two treasure chests or something like that, I'd like to get the mine to earn diamonds for me. But how the heck do you earn 500,000 coins?? I'm having trouble earning 30,000 for the next level of the castle.

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Re:Earning money?

[Post New]by susuq on Sep 13, 13 9:05 AM
The only way I have figured out is by spending money. I sold a few things I had purchased, but did not get much money. If anyone knows, please let us know.


Re:Earning money?

[Post New]by surfmistress on Sep 14, 13 2:43 AM
The higher a monster level, the more they earn so look at the info section for all the monsters you have and see who your big money earners are so far. Pick one or two and concentrate on feeding them exclusively for a day or two. [My exception to this is If I breed a new type of monster, then I'll feed to level 4 so I can use him as breeding stock.]

The more complex a monster's elemental make-up is, the more he earns. Another thing is see what they 'like'. The happier the monster is, the faster it will make money. A monster with 100% happiness from being near items or other monsters he likes will produce twice as much money in the same time.

As examples, my group includes:
level 10 Noggin -- stone -- 100% happiness -- max earning 144 coins

level 10 Maw -- water/snow -- 75% happiness -- max earning 2400 coins

level 9 T-Rox -- stone/water/snow -- 75% happiness -- max earning 15550 coins

Hope that helps!

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Re:Earning money?

[Post New]by unclepaul on Sep 14, 13 5:18 AM
While the maximum earnings might be good, what you also need to look at is the rate of coins per minute and the maximum.
When a monster reaches its maximum, it can earn no more and other ernings are wasted.
eg a level 5 Noggin earns 32 coins per minute and has a maximum of 72. It will reach maximum after approx 3 minutes after which no more will be earned til you collect that money (above its head). Theoretically this would mean you would have to visit the Noggin every 3 minutes to collect 72 coins. Which means if you only log in to collect each 24 hours then you have lost a lot of coins.
Thats why you need to move quickly to the larger monsters with greater capacity.
eg. a Level 10 Trox with happiness 75% (Potbelly, Piney Tree, and Bloofi tree) earns 112 coins per minute with a maximum of 17280 coins reached in about 2 1/2 hours.

Level 8 Entbrat at 50% happiness (Mammott , Flappy Flag) earns 115 / min and reaches a maximum of 71885 coins in about 10 hours , a better rate of signing in.

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Re:Earning money?

[Post New]by Disbeliever on Sep 14, 13 10:55 AM
When it comes to breeding, at least for the 4 element monsters, and even to some extent, some of the 3 element monsters, it comes down to luck. I went after the Entbrat early in the game, because it has the potential to give a max of 288 coins per minute at level 15, with a max accumulated earnings of 134,784. If you can get it to that level, which will take a while unless you buy some in-game money, you can set up a collection schedule which will allow you to get as much as 414,720 coins every 24 hours, for each level 15 Entbrat you own. That's what I try to do.

Also, you will get "goals" to put your level 15 people on the gold island, which you don't have to buy, and you will get 1-3 million coins for the first one of each kind that you put on that island. Unfortunately, it costs a pile of money to get even the lowliest of people to level 15. So far, I have one Entbrat at level 15, one T-Rox at level 14, and lots of other people at various levels. I was lucky enough to get an Entbrat on my first try. I play the game way too much when I'm not at work. Yes, I know, I need to get a life.

For those who can collect every few hours, some others are good earners. The T-Rox, Clamble, and Bogart, just to name a few. Keep an eye out for the goals on the side, because you can get a lot of money and food by completing them. Just be careful, because it costs a ton of money to get your people to level 15 for the gold island goals. I would wait until you are generating a good bit of cash before attempting them. Also, lots of goals are for breeding certain monsters, and for buying decorations. It's a pain if you just bred or bought something and then that goal comes up.

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