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Organize an expedition

[Post New]by smartinp on Sep 13, 13 10:48 PM
How can I do that???


Re:Organize an expedition

[Post New]by fairhavenfish01 on Sep 14, 13 11:29 AM

The only way I've been able to do it is when I go to either the Magical Valley (I think that's the right name) or am in one of the special occasion quests and get to the point that I need to feed a specific dragon, such as the Phantom Dragon for the Opera quest. It then tells you that you MUST organize an expedition. You have to get the objects needed to start the expedition (there will be pics) and then it will take you to a screen that shows you how much food must be accumulated (for the Phantom Dragon I believe it's 15,000 units) then tells you how many times you are allowed to feed it. The food icons will be below, with the # of each item that you already have, that you can use for the feeding. Then you get to notify others of the expedition in the right-hand column, that shows you as the leader of the expedition and the first feeder. The count-down will begin!

When you click on the icon that asks others to help you, a dragon will appear in your lower right corner of the game screen, and a help message will be sent out to your neighbors. If they see it and respond, they will get a little gift, and their "feeding" of your dragon will be counted in your expedition.

IF you are able to acquire all the food needed, you will get a message with a congratulations and some chests with goodies in, and MAYBE you'll be able to explore another area, such as the Opera. For me it just times, and this is an issue that BFG is working on with the developer.

Hope this helps, and isn't TOO windy!!! LOL

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