Rhiannon's wedding ring?

[Post New]by Kimmy0121 on Sep 16, 13 2:09 PM
I am currently stuck at the point where you get rhiannon's wedding ring. I have all the items for the bonfire except for the saddle and ring. I've checked several walkthroughs for this point in the game and can't figure out what's wrong. I enter through the front door and enter the living room and the coffin never appears. As for the saddle I know you have to first go upstairs and move the box and use the crowbar on the floor boards but every time I pick up the crowbar I can't get it close enough. Once I get close to the floor the menu pops up with the map and notes and the crowbar just goes right back to my inventory without pulling up the floor. I'm so confused and in need of some help please.


Re:Rhiannon's wedding ring?

[Post New]by kazkaz1957 on Sep 17, 13 2:26 AM
Hello Kimmy0121

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Please note that the following contains spoilers for anyone who might also be reading this.

There is a specific trigger for the room to appear whereby you are briefly able to go back in time to when Rhiannon Boswell was lying in her coffin so that you can collect the ring. It happens after a cut scene as you walk into the living room through the door you describe. If that scene hasn't happened, then there is something you have not done previously which is the trigger for that event. I can't be sure what it is that you haven't yet done but it's worth checking that you have visited the underground office belonging to Charles Boswell and have read his diary which you'll find there (not in the safe). I think that might be the missing trigger. (If you have already been into the coffin room once, but have omitted to pick up all the objects you need from there, you can access that room again by clicking on the living room wall where you first saw the entrance to that room.)

The crowbar is the correct implement to open the floorboard in the upstairs room but the scene is not fully revealed until you have been into the coffin room and witnessed a further cut scene. So that will come in time. The saddle is similarly inaccessible until you've done all the above. So you're on the right track but you just need to find that diary and read it to the end to move to the next stage.

Hope that helps.

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