Knob: Monastery

[Post New]by tamahatwister on Sep 17, 13 1:34 PM
I was in the Monastery once, but failed to retrieve the Knob. I need to get back in the Monastery; but I'm locked out. How do I get back in. I need the Knob to do the comparison on the bullets, otherwise I can not finish game.

Can anyone help.

Thanks, tamahatwister

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Re:Knob: Monastery

[Post New]by Hogdragon33 on Sep 19, 13 6:16 PM
Pretty sure know was in one of the HO's....also, to get back into the monastery, you must fix the underwater diving gear, go down the well where there is a place to go underwater. When you are under, you must find the objects (2 are near and one you should have) and play a mini game puzzle. After that a door/hole? whater opens up and you come out underneath the monestary. Find and do what you can there....whew!....thennnn...there is a spiral staircase that takes you up to the monestary. After you do what you need there you must exit the way you came in. The monestary door is locked by a key so every time you want to reenter you must go down the well and enter that way. Hope this makes was kind of a pain.

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