Trying to enter forest

[Post New]by Mungas on Sep 18, 13 7:56 AM
If anyone could help I would be grateful.
Nothing but problems with this game.......loads at a snails pace.
Played level one happily with no problems and just about to enter the forest as finished all my tasks in the town (level 2) yet it says I have not discovered all the clues as yet.
I've gone to each screen, and it says there is nothing to complete. I have the acid, a metal key, the top hat, the shears and my brooch and I used the acid on the manhole cover. I've uninstalled this game and reinstalled with no success. I'm using a PC Vista Windows. Anyone else having this problem, or technical advice, please could you help otherwise this game is un-playable so will be asking for my money back. Reading the forums there are lots of technical issues with this game, so really disappointed as not the usual standards from BF.

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