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[Post New]by Meryl70 on Sep 20, 13 8:44 AM
I was in the middle of playing this game in ios6 but after the upgrade to ios7 the screen is dark in a lot of areas that I was able to see prior to the upgrade. I've restarted the iPad as well as reinstalled the game but still have problems. Has anyone else experienced this or any other issues with games after upgrading to ios7?


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[Post New]by carriefb74 on Sep 22, 13 7:02 PM
I'm having the same problem. Did you find a way to fix it yet?


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[Post New]by Meryl70 on Sep 23, 13 7:37 PM
Nope, I was told by customer support to request a refund through iTunes. However I'm going to keep the game on my iPad because I'm sure an update will need to occur at some point. Then I will just update and replay the game then. I have many other games I can play in the meantime.

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[Post New]by RoHunDoc on Sep 29, 13 10:23 AM
I am having the same problem which makes the game unplayable at the moment.

I think that the game designers need to fix the problem that makes it incompatible with iOS 7. I spend the heck of a lot of money with big fish I think that I deserve to have the games keep up with the operating systems on which they are run.

Thank you very much for having fabulous games!


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[Post New]by Sol659 on Oct 20, 13 5:02 PM
Still no luck. Tried even writing a review, however the app won't populate through too. Is this a sign that big fish has given up on this game? Like someone before me, I've got other games to play, however will attempt to get a refund if there is no hope in store for getting this fixed. Thanks!

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