parrot cage advice

[Post New]by virtualmermaid on Mar 8, 09 3:11 PM
hi all
ive managed to get pasted the lower levels, but I do think the game is bugged tbh
cause I have other characters or what you call it and I couldn't upgrade with them but i started playing my boyfriends char and it worked fine and has so far... I'm now on level 22... and the upgrades are working fine,as soon as it says new upgrade in store I can get it, it wouldn't happen before..obviously something wrong with the game...
Anyway what I wanted to say was that people having problem with the PARROT cage, cleaning it ,that is, I havent had one single problem so far, yes it shows up RED but thats only cause the parrot is OUT of the cage , you need to find the parrot and click on it!! and then click on the cage!! ok? hope that helps



Re:parrot cage advice

[Post New]by couleee on Mar 10, 09 11:04 PM
Thanks for posting was driving me crazy. I hope I can find the parrot.


Re:parrot cage advice

[Post New]by naimim on Mar 12, 09 8:07 AM
*Listen* for the parrot. When he's on the move in the house, he makes a tweeting noise so that's usually a good time to see where he's flying around to. Wherever he lands, he will sit there a while and then start tweeting again when he decides to take off to another spot. The places I've noticed him landing in are usually the fireplace in the living room, in the bedroom south of the office, on the office desk, in one of nurseries and in the bathroom.

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