Cradle of Rome

[Post New]by zina60 on Sep 20, 13 10:57 PM
After weeks of trying to get to level 100 I finally did it last night. I had to start from the beginning so that I could get many lives, up to 25. Practice, practice, practice, and finally got up there and finished the game. It was disappointing though because there was no fire works or wow you did it. You are a a champion, or something like that. No satisfaction in getting to the end. Now I am starting again and up to level 90 and it has gotten easier than the first time. You have to make sure to save those bonuses because you might need one. So many times , my time was up and all I had was one more to break and it is so frustrating when you don't have a hammer or a cross or even a bomb just to break that last one.
It's time to go to bed because it is 2 am and and need to stop this stupid game that can be very addicting and frustrating. It takes much too long to get a bonus and it would be nice to have just a little more time, so maybe the game would be a little more fun and relaxing.


Re:Cradle of Rome

[Post New]by JimOfTwydall77 on Jan 4, 14 10:05 AM
I quite agree about the issues of bonus and practice, practice. Frustrating yes but this is so much better than going back to Freecell!

I am new to this game so it still holds my attention but I wish my fingers worked a little bit quicker.

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