Glockenspiel won't work

[Post New]by Dullesville on Sep 21, 13 11:44 AM
I collected all the notes and played them in the order in the note but nothing happens! What am I missing?


Re:Glockenspiel won't work

[Post New]by OhThatsKatie on Oct 21, 13 1:41 PM
Haii, idk if you still need help....Are you sure your playing the right notes? Are you sure you have ALL the notes? Make sure Nancy comments as she sees each letter she finds (: I have a spoiler if you need more help.


Re:Glockenspiel won't work

[Post New]by swissuz on Feb 18, 14 8:40 PM
Hi....I was sent here by BF tech support in hopes it might help me with my problem with The Captive Curse.

Here's my text to them so I won't have to repeat it again. Sea Anemone,,,,I've been trying to work this out for almost a week now, so I'm ready to give in to a spoiler I've never posted on a forum so I'm not sure how to communicate. Assuming I'll get an email notification if I get a response?

This game is great! It is working like a problems and being a large file, I have been working on it on and off for over a week.
The Glockenspiel puzzle is not responding to the answer to the notes on the chime. I have repeated it numerous times and finally resorted to finding gaming help online. I served to confirm I have the correct "notes" and I'm playing them in the right order. The clock is supposed to open and play, but it doesn't do anything.

I do not get an error code....and can continue playing the game in other areas with no problems. This is a critical point in the game and I cannot advance in the game until I get this puzzle to respond.

I play on a laptop, Windows 7 with plenty of space and ram. This one thing is the only thing that had been a problem with this game.

I'm a very frequent player of Big Fish games and have never had one problem with any game in 3-4 years. This is very frustrating. I hope you can help!"


BTW - Nancy did comment as she found each letter.

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Re:Glockenspiel won't work

[Post New]by jennabear1978 on Jun 5, 14 7:47 PM
I too am having the same problem. Everything is right its just not triggering the clock to play and open the doors. Very frustrated!! Someone please help note the notes are correct and in the right order

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