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What's With the "Lab" and the Artifacts?

[Post New]by BobbiH on Sep 22, 13 2:12 PM
If anyone out there is playing/has played this game, can you tell me if there are any instructions ANYWHERE about what you are supposed to do in the Lab? It is a hellishly challenging game with excellent gameplay, but I am at a complete loss as to what the point is of buying the various bottles, scrolls, tables, etc., when there is absolutely NO explanation (that I can find) of what they are, what they do, why you need them, etc. I have started over twice using the Tutorial trying to find out, but although they explain the standard powerups (bomb, firecracker, etc.) the other stuff just sits there. I'm sure it is supposed to help you, but how?? Clicking on it does nothing, I have spent several hours looking online to see if there is any explanation or set of instructions but cannot find one, so if anyone has a clue, please let me in on the secret?

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