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Level 44

[Post New]by Cjb58 on Sep 23, 13 8:28 AM
I am totally stuck. I can't get enough gold to patch holes so my deliveries get through. How do you build things when u don't have enough gold, stone.?

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Re:Level 44

[Post New]by wxman77477 on Sep 23, 13 10:37 AM
I was able to achieve 3 Stars using the following strategy on Level 44

- Clear the Road of 3 Stone, 1 Gold, and 1 Log, meanwhile knocking out the 2 Hardhats on the bottom Roads
- Repair Road to first Lot and build Money Factory
- Clear road of 2 Stone and 2 Food
- As soon as you have 10 Gold, repair Road to the Quarry
- Feed Boar, clear 2 Food, Feed Boar
- Now repair the Road to the 2 Groves of trees and chop down trees.
- Once you have 30 Wood, build a Farm on the empty Lot
- Continue to chop down trees until you have chop down 50 Wood, meanwhile feed Lion on the left and repair Road
- Once you have 80 Gold, 40 Stone, 50 Wood, and 50 Food present Offering at Temple
- Now focus on the top Road by knocking out Hardhats, repairing Road and feeding the Boars
- Feed the remaining Lion and Boar
- Repair the last 2 Road segments

You are done

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