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Game Length

[Post New]by cmh47 on Sep 25, 13 2:24 PM
Hi Gamers! Just thought I'd let you know that although I have enjoyed playing the game I am sooooo, glad that I used a PCC to purchase the game and not cash.
After playing the demo I decided to use a PCC to purchase and continued playing the game expecting to have a few hours fun. However in my opinion the game is very, very short. In actual fact I have played the game through twice it is that short. So if you are thinking of actually buying I would think twice, but if like me you have PCC's that are due to expire (due to lack of good games recently) you could use one here just for a few hours of fun.

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Re:Game Length

[Post New]by Melymc on Sep 25, 13 7:22 PM
Thanks for the info cmh47! How long was the game? You said a few hours, so around three? Thanks again for the help! Have a good day!

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