Why the high price?

[Post New]by Tandib3 on Sep 25, 13 11:35 PM
This game is priced the same as the Collector's Edition games that have a bonus level! Most games in this price level also have their own Strategy Guide that are built right into the game. I have never had to pay the higher price for games similar to this one which are considered "basic" games on Big Fish. I expect that price from other game sites like G5 (which is why I only buy their games if they're on sale). I never would have thought that Big Fish would start over charging for their shorter, basic level games as well. I really do hope that this is a fluke & that this isn't a sign of what's to come. Or, is this just the beginning of what's going to become a significant price increase for games that take only a few short hours to play through completely, from beginning to end? If so, then I, for one, will have to find something better & more reasonable to do with my time, at least until there's a sale or the prices for these very short games become reasonable again. That is why I never purchase the games with the PC platform, because they are even higher in price & don't have any more in the game to play than the less expensive iOS platform. I am sorry for the long message, but I was very upset when I purchased this game only to find out that it is a "short" game, even though it was priced higher & I just wanted other's to know before making the mistake I did. Wishing I had waited for this one to go on sale.....Oh, yeah, that's right! It was on sale, except it wasn't the $3.99 ($4.99 regular price) games like this usually cost. It was the $4.99 ($6.99 regular cost) I pay when I buy the Collector's Editions.

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