No more level up after level 55 ?

[Post New]by xavari on Sep 28, 13 4:59 PM
I'm at level 55 and i continue to do things on my farm .... but no experience is adding is that normal ?
Are we going to have an update to be able to continue pass the level 55 ?

I still have 2 people giving me tasks but i'm wondering after i complete those tasks, am i going to have some more to do or its ending there ?

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Re:No more level up after level 55 ?

[Post New]by Puffaroo on Sep 29, 13 5:10 AM
No snark intended, but it's always a good idea to read through at least the thread subjects before posing a question. This question has been answered several times: only to 55 for now. Nobody seems to know if this will change.

Once I get to 55, I intend to start over and do things a little differently. I suspect it will be just as much fun!

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