Clan war?

[Post New]by writergrrl on Sep 30, 13 2:09 PM
I have only played the trial, which I enjoyed, but I see reviewers talk about having to kill off a clan of horses or a clan or wolves at the end as the only possible ways to complete the game. Is this true? I have no intention of buying a game that would promote such a gratuitously violent choice against animals that I love.

I realize it's just a game but games do (a) reflect what society deems acceptable and (b) have the potential to influence societal perspectives. (I honestly stopped watching Torchwood after the season finale where Captain Jack killing his own grandson was the only solution. I was able to come up with a more creative, peaceful solution before the show was even over… but I digress.)

If there is a third, peaceful solution, I will buy this game in a heartbeat. But if not, I would like the developers to think about why they think it necessary to provide only violent solutions. I hope this does not become a trend.

So fishies, I hope someone can tell me there's a peaceful solution to this game!

(And please don't lock this thread, Big Fish, the way you did with the other clan war thread. This is not a simple review issue.)

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