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Level 102

[Post New]by KatzGalore on Sep 30, 13 7:56 PM
Can't seem to quite make it in time..Any Tips? (playing group mode)

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Re:Level 102

[Post New]by mauntana on Oct 23, 13 4:16 PM
Hi Katz, I *finally* completed this level in group mode after spending way too many hours on it (I can't believe there is no reset button).

Sorry, but I'm convinced completing this level is a matter of luck dependent up which combination of tiles you're given. I've noticed that some tiles (e.g. multicolored fish, swords, compasses, spiny fish) seem to appear more often so it is easier to get group matches when the game board contains them.

I used the row exploder on the isolated inset area on the bottom center and bombs in the hard to get top and corner areas.

Now if I could only complete level 139 in swap mode!

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