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lvl 4-6

[Post New]by infoimptx on Oct 7, 13 6:14 PM
I am SO stuck...anyone have tips?

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Re:lvl 4-6

[Post New]by festclick on Nov 27, 13 3:54 AM
I'm just uploading the video for you-tube, search for Plight of the Zombie 4-6. There are a few tricks. First, use the invisible zombie to take out the top gunner. That gives a clear path for the big zombie to clear the obstacle left of the top brain. He can then run in and out to get the brain when the remaining searchlight is away, and then he takes a safe roundabout path to the bottom brain, then under the searchlight through the barrier (not too close to the gate to avoid slowing) and destroy the obstacle nearest the last gunner. Wait until the searchlight moves up and then dash to the barrier which protects the gunner. The trick is that the big guy doesn't have to survive. You can then use the invisible zombie to get the last brain in time and take out the gunner.

It's hard to describe the path of the invisible zombie in words, hence the video. I had her stop 4 times on the way to the top gunner. The 2nd stop location is in the path of a searchlight! But it's safe once it moves because of her invisibility, as it clears the spot for her to move.

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