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Reviews for Flight of Fancy: Two Doves

[Post New]by catbag8717 on Oct 11, 13 3:23 AM
Let me start this off:

Well, I HATED IT! It barley scraped in with two stars for me. The story was AWFUL, the cute fairy helper bored me to death, as did the archer. Seriously, the game was WAY too cute for me. I saw the title and knew it would be cute, but tried anyway. It was BAD! I was bored right from the start. I didn't even bother to finish the trial.

The only reason this didn't get a one was the gameplay. The HOS were good, and the game had a custom difficulty level, which was nice. Good HOS and custom difficulty are literally the ONLY reasons I didn't give it a one! I'd say that my rating was more of a 1.5 than a 2.

It's always good to start things off negatively, don't you think?

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Reviews for Flight of Fancy: Two Doves

[Post New]by luvpumpkns on Oct 11, 13 8:50 AM
Nothing too special going on with this one. Nice graphics, custom game play options. Those that like the "lighter" storylines and those that are tired of the dark mystery/detective type offerings will enjoy this one.

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Re:Reviews for Flight of Fancy: Two Doves

[Post New]by bfgDeveron on Oct 11, 13 9:13 AM
Thanks for getting the reviews thread going!

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Re:Reviews for Flight of Fancy: Two Doves

[Post New]by bfgDeveron on Oct 11, 13 9:14 AM
I also wanted to add that this thread has been reserved for reviews only.

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Re:Reviews for Flight of Fancy: Two Doves

[Post New]by pisces3959 on Oct 11, 13 2:01 PM
I liked this game at first...still like the some of the puzzles but boy did they get lazy...nothing but list HOS and they became much more frequent...makes me not want to buy another one of their games. They started off on the right track but it just went downhill for me.

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Re:Reviews for Flight of Fancy: Two Doves

[Post New]by jonah11 on Oct 11, 13 2:23 PM

I usually like rabbit ear games. I agree that this one is very weak. A no buy for me.


Re:Reviews for Flight of Fancy: Two Doves

[Post New]by JustTheFacts on Oct 11, 13 2:59 PM
Most Flexible Array Of Difficulty Options


This is a beautiful Flight of Fancy alright. After a delightful intro, we quickly acquire an elf and a fairy to help us on our quest to recover our magic dove. And we save a tiger cub. Even the bad guys are beautiful – there is a gorgeous phoenix guarding an early door is.


As you’d expect if you’re a fan of ERS, delightful hand drawn graphics, clear and crisp, well lit and colourful. Either you love this style or you hate it. Personally, I can’t get enough of it. The voiceovers are excellent – well acted and, I love this, different accents for people of different class. I don't really have an impression of the musical content, so I guess that makes it not intrusive!


Our family’s magic dove is gone and it looks like our neighbour, the not so nice Count Boss may be involved. Having gathered what clues we can, we head off to pay him a visit. So far, the story hasn’t hooked me.


One of the best features of this game is the customisable difficulty options. You can set the black bar comments, sparkles, the usual hint and skip options and the interactive jump map. It is the most complex and flexible array of choices I’ve seen.

The balance of HOPs and mini-games is geared a little more towards the puzzles than the HOPs, and the HOPs are progressive silhouettes and multiples. The puzzles I found quite a bit more difficult than I normally expect from ERS. Sometimes I felt the instructions were not as clear as they could be.

Our elf is our hint and we have to find arrows for him to shoot. Our fairy can neutralise magic monsters when needed with her special abilities. We need to collect the members of our kingdom that have been turned into tiny statues as well, and they will be used later in the game.


Based on the demos only, achievements seem to be the major difference in the two versions of the game. We can decorate the fairy’s home with them. The CE also has the usual sort of things, gallery items, SG, replayables and bonus chapter. I did find the SG was needed, even in the short demo. Personally, I’ll be going for the Standard Edition, because although I love cute, I think there’s more than enough of it, even without the fairy house!


There’s no denying it, this game is cute with a capital C! But it also offers the best range of playing options.

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Re:Reviews for Flight of Fancy: Two Doves

[Post New]by renaki on Oct 15, 13 9:06 AM
I definitely agree with justthefacts opinion.

Cute or spooky , who cares!! Do not influence my opinion on a game.
There are other things that matter to me.

The possibility to arrange the difficulty according to each one's
taste is soooo important and I was possitively surprised to see it here.

I liked the puzzles and I also enjoy these new very interactiveHOS.

According to the walkthrough the game will take me 4-5 hours which
I consider decent.

These are the things I think is important for playing a HO game , the story is important when we read a book.

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Re:Reviews for Flight of Fancy: Two Doves

[Post New]by nance91947 on Oct 15, 13 4:03 PM
Not sure why game got such negative reviews.

I found it to be brilliantly illustrated and quite interesting. Graphics are clean, crisp and no "junk piles". Having the fairy aid at times was a neat twist; plus, liked having your personal archer for hints.

All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed the game and hope others will at least give it a try and not let negative reviews deny the experience to play a well developed game.
Thanks developers and BFG!!

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Re:Reviews for Flight of Fancy: Two Doves

[Post New]by cat52 on Oct 16, 13 4:48 AM
I liked being able to resort to a mini-game instead of a hint when I had trouble finding something in the HOS. I liked being able to adjust the difficulty level on some puzzles in-game. I liked the oddity factor and even the cuteness.

The day I complain about the number of HOS's in a game categorized as HOG, shoot me.

But oh my I am getting tired of this fill-in-the-blanks:
The Kingdom is in danger because the magical ____ has/have been stolen by the evil ____ and only you can save the day.
This is not a plot. This is an excuse. And because a lot of developers go to some trouble with a plot, plus maybe I read too many books; I've come to expect something a wee bit stronger in my games than - well - no plot atall, atall.

Three of five stars.

Sea Anemone
Sea Anemone
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Re:Reviews for Flight of Fancy: Two Doves

[Post New]by ZinaC on Oct 29, 13 5:48 PM
I must say, i enjoyed it thoroughly! fanciful but fun - my biggest hangup was ..... well, i don't want to give away anything, but BE SURE to check the fairy magic when you get it so you know when to USE it! that was my biggest hangup in one scene.... the archer kept TELLING me i needed to do something, and i couldn't figure out WHAT! :-) all in all, a nice little Hidden object game.


Re:Reviews for Flight of Fancy: Two Doves

[Post New]by leila777 on Nov 3, 13 9:32 PM
I couldn't even finish the demo, and agree with the reviewers who started the thread.

All the other ERS I have is great, and not uncommonly, awesome. The Redemption Cemetery and Grim Facade series for just some examples, have not only superb artwork (and that can often eclipse flaws for me) but also a brilliant and hysterical originality, the rarest and most important thing in any game.

I avoid this kind of thing like the plague it is, so what ?? could they possibly be thinking. Please more Grim Facade, I think that series ended too early.

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Re:Reviews for Flight of Fancy: Two Doves

[Post New]by qpr1 on Nov 5, 13 8:09 AM
a most enjoyable game, liked the option of lowering the skip timer

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Re:Reviews for Flight of Fancy: Two Doves

[Post New]by yowzasma on Apr 26, 14 12:14 AM
Well I was in the mood for cute and this one is cute, colorful and the lilting music was almost hypnotic ( I kept dozing off and awakened as my face was headed for the keyboard)
The graphics were nice and clear & storyline not too bad.
The above positive reviews I am in agreement with and appreciate the reviewers for their details that I used in selecting this game
I found I needed to refer to the Walkthrough a few times for mini game instructions but that was just me as I like clearer instructions as to what is expected.
If you enjoy 'cute' games with great artwork and Renaissance Festival type music (I love it) give this game a try...Not the best and not the worst, just a very nice change of pace between more intense games
I'm giving this one & 3/4 out of 5

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