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Achievements glitch, not happy

[Post New]by spenny1 on Oct 12, 13 7:37 AM
One of the reasons I enjoy CEs is the achievements, but this one keeps resetting itself and wiping them.

I deliberately got the 'Complete a hidden object scene in 30 seconds' early in the game, and also earned the '5 objects in 5 seconds' and '10 objects in 10 second' at the same time. I left them game to come back the next day, only to find that when I played the next hidden object scene, it awarded me the '10 in 10' award again. I checked the achievements and they had all been wiped.

I tried again from the start, but when I exited the game I deliberately went back in to check that the awards I'd earned were still there, which they were. I shut down for the night and have just come back to it, I checked before I began to play, and the achievements I'd earned were still there. Imagine my dismay when the same thing happened.

Has anyone else had this? It's really ruining my enjoyment. I may just as well have bought the SE.

NOT impressed

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