Games gets stuck if tasks not done in correct order

[Post New]by ClassicMovieFan on Oct 13, 13 6:55 PM
I played through the SE of this game until I used the pry bar and then the bar disappeared. Well, problem is that I had not get used the bar to pry up the floor board in the hallway. So I was completely STUCK. Could not proceed. The bar was gone from my inventory.

So I then played through the CE version from the beginning. This time I made sure to use the pry bar on the floor board right away. But I picked up the paper in the floor and did NOT get the lock piece. Well, guess what? The scene is closed and I cannot go back and get the lock piece. Once again. STUCK.

Why is Elefun games allowed on this website?

Most games do NOT close a player out for doing things in the WRONG order.

I couldn't do a screen shot because the snipping tool won't work with the game open.

Has this company fixed this problem? Is there a new version to download. Or am I just out my money and my time?

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