stuck on level 38.

[Post New]by nonnyof3 on Oct 14, 13 9:08 AM
How do I get through this level?

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Re:stuck on level 38.

[Post New]by curliet0p on May 27, 14 7:27 PM
This is how I did it. Build a palace. Sell it. With the money, build 3 more and upgrade to the max. I put in a carpenter and a well, then inspected the three palaces. Then begin your farms and upgrade them as fast as you can. Put in the stone mason, build stone walls. At some point you will have the opportunity to buy back the first palace. Do it, you'll need that property. Towards the end of the game make sure you have plenty of materials and farmers, then, you will tear down the palaces to replace them with farms. Keep your stone mason until all farms have stone walls, then tear it down. At the end you will have about 50 farmers, all or most farms upgraded completely. Then put in a theater.

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