How to contact ****?

[Post New]by phlamingophred on Oct 16, 13 4:41 PM
I am beyond pissed off at the original Luxor game and want to give the company a piece of my mind, but there is no contact info on their website. Who were the effing stupid designers who decided that the player doesn't get any ammunition until the first snake(s) are halfway through the track? Why does the Set level (I think it's 13-10) have such a touchy pyramid? In every other Luxor game and level the balls can get partway into the pyramid before it's over, but here they just barely touch it and you're done. I also have to fight with my mouse because the game is so non-responsive to my right clicks for color changes (and sometimes when left-clicking to shoot), which then causes the balls to enter the pyramid. And why does the ball color you need show as the next one, but once you right click, it's a different color and pushes the snake into the pyramid!

I have absolutely no problems like these when playing the other Luxor games and have almost broken my mouse from slamming it on my desk in frustration. **** really needs to go back and fix these problems for everyone who spent money buying this stupid game.


Re:How to contact ****? update

[Post New]by phlamingophred on Oct 16, 13 9:56 PM
I still want to give the designers a piece of my mind, but I did it! I completed level 13-10 to defeat Set!

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