I completed level 13-10 and defeated Set!

[Post New]by phlamingophred on Oct 16, 13 10:08 PM
Just had to let someone know about this considering how hard that level is to play. Don't know quite how I did it, but was really good about not letting the spheres anywhere near the pyramids. I even had 4 lives left!

The best advice I can give is to work on more than one snake at a time and try to get a second ball on those single colors so you're prepared when the snake comes back around to where you can hit it again and take them out. It helps if you can get a clear shot on the edges to blow off colors you don't need without adding them into another snake. It also helps if you pause the screen (hit the space bar) to follow the two paths around, then you have a better idea of where particular sections will come around for your attack.

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