[Post New]by sheilanuttell on Oct 17, 13 1:00 AM
I do not think the strategy guide is very good

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[Post New]by ember89 on Feb 26, 14 6:22 AM
i SO agree!!

so i made a text copy and have been adding my own notes!

the only thing i really find helpful is the large area maps - because i just found out that i have to go all the way back through that d@mned swamp AGAIN! and i am NOT getting lost again... hear me? NOT getting lost!!

also i don't feel like there is really much strategy that's actually revealed... it's like hand-holding to pick up items and open chests and then there's a battle and... well, you're on your own! i can find stuff on my own - but i really like it when a guide says "this enemy is weak to ice" not a lot of hand-holding there, but i know to equip ice weapons and pull my spellcasters with fire out to put the ice ones in -- bleh

hope you find your way around, and keep coming back to the forums!

happy questing

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