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Reviews for Otherworld: shades of Fall CE

[Post New]by shorenuf on Oct 17, 13 2:35 AM
I am reluctant to describe this in much detail since exploring and experiencing the game unfold is a lot of the pleasure you should see first hand. I will say that, unless there is success capturing and doing away with the Shade this season, there will be a Winter Otherworld to follow. There have been some nice improvements from the Summer game, so another installment might be worth looking forward to. I was rather enjoying the presentation enough to overlook the negatives I might mention going forward. There are not that many.

Three modes of play: Casual has sparkles, hints, skips, lots of guidance; Advanced has no sparkles, longer hint and skip refresh, less guidance; hardcore has no sparkles, no hints or skips, and the least guidance. That said, I played in both advanced and casual; unfortunately, you cannot switch modes as the same player. If there is much difference in the level of guidance, there was most definitely enough in hardcore to reconcile any angst. And the quick travel map shows available tasks even in hardcore.

The artwork suits the atmosphere although I wasn't as taken with it compared to the Spring season premiere of this series. The animations, however, are nicely done. Since I was switching players, I suppose I accomplished about 40 minutes of normal game play. In that time, I saw one HO and two mini games (there are many of each, one more mini game than HO), so it would seem the game leans toward adventure and tasks. You meet several characters as you go, all are voiced.

The settings include being able to shut off pop up achievement windows, a nice touch. Many achievements will be accomplished simply by progressing through the game. There is one for finishing the game in under 6 hours, so you could be entertained for quite a while. The adventure is a bit linear, but in each area you will have quite a bit of back and forth, making the map a useful tool unless you want to discover the available tasks on your own.

There is a helper, not the cutesy variety, I rather liked his attitude.

The collectibles are very easy to spot. There are 60 of them.

The HO I played was find multiples of things, but it had a clever twist to it. The mini games were variations on familiar mechanics; one required busy work, the other some mental acuity. They fit the theme of the story quite well…

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Re:Reviews for Otherworld: shades of Fall CE

[Post New]by shorenuf on Oct 17, 13 2:36 AM
Current tasks are hidden behind a check mark leaving you the option of discovery -- very nice. There is even a twist in how the inventory items and diary entries are presented and employed. You will love it or hate it as extra clicking is required. It took a bit of getting used to, but I didn't mind it.

There are 9 chapters plus an epilogue. The Strategy guide lists the collectible locations in a separate glossary. The other extras include replaying mini games and other usual fluff.

All in all of course, we have seen games like this a gazillion times. There is only so much that can be done to change them up. But this was one I didn't mind exploring, I wasn't bored, I'm curious to see what it will offer going forward. For what it is, I will give it

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Re:Reviews for Otherworld: shades of Fall CE

[Post New]by Nilosh on Oct 17, 13 2:56 AM
Once again Fiona and the Storm Cat needs our help in repairing the perpetual prison that will hold the Shade forever and end the Eternal Winter from going global. I really loved the previous games involving our adventures with the Shade and really looked forward to this third installment. However I have a feeling that once again I will be unpopular and perhapse amongst a minority of gamers who found this latest game to be a disappointment.I realise that of late my reviews have been unpopular as my standards and expectations for grading a game are rather high. I usually compare my apples to oranges and this one just did not overpower me with an urgency to buy.

Otherworld does offer good graphics, excellant artwork and voice-overs that are well acted. Music is soft and unfortunately made me feel a bit sleepy. Our storyline is interesting and continues with our mission to imprison the Shade once and for all. A standard HOPA with game mechanics that include a task list, inventory bar that switches to pictorial clues, a map that will allow for travel and also indicates areas of interest. Hidden object scenes vary and are interactive. There are 60 dragons to find throughout the game and a list of achievements as well.

Although all the elements are there to qualify it as a CE game, I found the game to be too slow and rather dull. The magic and the wonderment of the previous game is amiss and this third installment just did not thrill me. There is a lot of backtracking, clues to be found and mini-games were just not interesting or challenging. I remember that the previous games had a certain darkness about the storyline as well as challeging mini-games and wonderful characters that required difficult tasks to be carried out. Here, I find myself just going through the motion of finding clues and solving puzzles. I just could not immerse myself into the gameplay.

Nevertheless Otherworld does offer fairly good visuals and sound, interesting HO scenes and there are extras. I however will pass. The WOW factor is just not there and to be honest, the demo just bored me. It more of a 3.5 from me becuse to be honest, I cant say I liked the game. It was just OK for me. I will still recommend that you try out the demo and decide for yourselves.


Re:Reviews for Otherworld: shades of Fall CE

[Post New]by JustTheFacts on Oct 17, 13 3:03 AM
Just Brilliant!


The previous two Otherworld games have been breathtakingly beautiful, entertaining and challenging. This one tops them both.
Particularly impressive to me is the originality of both the puzzles and the HOPs. According to the bonus content, there are 23 HOPs and 24 other puzzles. Yet the HOPs are so different from what we’re used to, it’s hard to decide which category a puzzle fits into.

In the demo so far, we have only one interactive list, and it is so interactive almost every item is hidden from view.

The others include a HOP where multiples of certain objects are required, but can only be found using an arrow system to align their two parts in the scene. Tricky. There are others, all of them different, in the demo, but you get the idea.

The other puzzles and mini-games are equally original, brilliantly so, but not as difficult as the puzzles in the previous games – so far! Gorgeous to look at, they could easily keep me happily puzzling along for much longer.

The adventure side of this game is also a little more straightforward this time. There is an interactive jump map, which is handy as there is a little to and fro action. There is no journal but another delightful idea, a ‘clues inventory’, which consists of photographs of those patterns, codes etc. for use later.

There are a lot of magical characters to meet, all beautifully drawn, with good voiceovers, including a white fluffy talking cat who becomes your hint button. I didn’t use him in that function, I used the map, so I don't know if he’s a directional hint or whatever. I do know he pipes up with the occasional comment of his own.

There is also the Perpetual Prison, which is what our quest is all about, we must repair it in order to capture the Shade (evil creature of dark magic) before he turns the world into endless winter. We must also again rescue Fiona.

If you’ve not played the other games, this will not interfere with your enjoyment, because the intro gives you a full explanation. The intro is extremely well done (voiceover, narration, cutscenes, graphics), but is not fireworks, both good and bad behave in a more gentle way in this game.

The CE includes a bunch of extras, all the usuals, plus replayable mini-games. There are 60 fay dragons to collect. Easy to find, and not very well integrated into the scenes. I didn’t like them. There are also achievements, and trophies.

A must buy!

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Re:Reviews for Otherworld: shades of Fall CE

[Post New]by bfgDeveron on Oct 17, 13 8:34 AM
Thanks for getting the review thread started Shorenuf, JustTheFacts, and Nilosh, this one looks like a great game!

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Re:Reviews for Otherworld: shades of Fall CE

[Post New]by bfgDeveron on Oct 17, 13 8:35 AM
I also wanted to add that this thread has been reserved for reviews only.

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Re:Reviews for Otherworld: shades of Fall CE

[Post New]by nontechiegrannie on Oct 17, 13 5:48 PM
Game froze twice so only got to play a few minutes & I've already uninstalled it! From what little I saw the game seemed a little dull, though I liked the talking cat. If the game don't work, I don't buy.
Since I pay money for these games I expect them to work. It seems every computer game has so many glitches. You would think that after all of this time the devs would be putting out much higher quality games.
Also, I can't be bothered with trying to have someone fix the glitch remotely & I NEVER uninstall then reinstall. So to recap, If the game don't work, I don't buy!!!

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Re:Reviews for Otherworld: shades of Fall CE

[Post New]by dancemom1 on Oct 17, 13 6:08 PM
Hi, pond pals. Another nice game from Boom Zap and an addition to the series. I have the first two game and enjoyed them both. The graphics in this game is nice, very bright, and colorful. Nice game play, no problems during the demo. HOGs are different and fun and items are not difficult to find. Games are quite simple. The usual jump map, but not a lot of repeat running back and forth, which is nice.

I found the music to get very annoying after a while. There was no change, just the same constant drone of sound. No built up with sound FX. Voice overs were okay, but there was no excitement or urgency in the voices...very bland. Otherwise very quiet.

Hint system is helpful and fills at usual and customary rate. SG is not extremely wordy, like a lot of them, so had to read a few instructions twice. The pages automatically change when you have completed the instructions on each page. The collectables are very easy to find, although some blend into the background a bit.

The game moves rather slowly, which makes it a little boring. It lacks excitement or challenge. This one is not as good as the first two in the series. It's just missing that little something that sets it apart from everything else. I did not feel the need to purchase this game to see what happens next. It seemed geared more toward the beginner. It wasn't a bad game and I would recommend it, but I'm not sure it is CE worthy at this point. Tired of paying the extra for the few extra minutes of game play, and who needs the extra garbage they add, e.g. wallpaper, etc.! I'm putting this one in the puddle with the other two I have on hold. I'll either get it on a really good special, or just wait for the SE version.

As always, try it for yourself and see what you think. We all have different tastes in games and you may not care for this one at all. Thanks for the reviews.

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Re:Reviews for Otherworld: shades of Fall CE

[Post New]by Hespera on Oct 18, 13 10:42 AM
Based on the completed game.

I purchased the game immediately. I played using 'hardcore' mode and absolutely enjoyed every minute of the 8.5 hours I spent. I like figuring out everything by myself and BoomZap affords me this awesome ability with their games. It's a wonderful and dazzling adventure as you make your way through the different worlds attempting to find everything needed to set the characters free in order to accomplish the primary goal.

The puzzles aren't that difficult; however, there is a great variety and they show good imagination and unique characteristics. The HOS are also various types which, for me, alleviates boredom.

The graphics are beautiful, as usual, and the voiceovers and cut scenes very well done. The music is suitable and not intrusive or annoying (at least not to me).

Totally another marvelous and well-done game. Thank you, Chris and the entire BoomZap team. Well done! Definitely 5 stars.

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Re:Reviews for Otherworld: shades of Fall CE

[Post New]by steve_san on Oct 18, 13 5:41 PM


I was not impressed with this game. Played the demo and found myself not caring what happened next. For starters, every character is unlikable, including the little girl Fiona. At one point she whines something like "I don't like this place." Well, (I said) no one is making you stay, go ahead and leave! Of course, something happens to her just after that so that helps.

The cat thing that is supposed to be your helper is fortunately not overly cute, but is not endearing either. I got tired of hearing him blah blah blah.

Since I didn't really care about the story and did not like the characters, I will not be purchasing this one. Meh.


Re:Reviews for Otherworld: shades of Fall CE

[Post New]by NancySusan on Oct 19, 13 6:07 AM
I kind of surprised myself by, despite some drawbacks (overly chatty cat which seems to reek, er, emanate), liking this game, and given the sale will probably buy it. What I really appreciated and which I haven't seen in that many other games was the diversity in the mini-games -- lots of different things to do. While I'm great with adventure and finding HO's, which is funny, since I don't enjoy spending a lot of time finding the objects and usually lose patience, I'm not that great (dyslexic) with some of the more standard mini-games -- these were interesting and quite varied. So despite chatty catty, I think I'll get this -- the sale helps, since there's been another game I've wanted to get all week. The detailed reviews for this game, by the way, were very helpful and quite accurate. This is the first in the series I've played, which may explain why some things that really annoyed some people didn't annoy me as much.

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Re:Reviews for Otherworld: shades of Fall CE

[Post New]by lym_1609 on Oct 21, 13 4:07 PM
I always loved these quality worthy CE and never got tired of these

not so easy mini puzzles, but overall game kept me interested even after 1 hr


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Re:Reviews for Otherworld: shades of Fall CE

[Post New]by raindear82 on Oct 21, 13 5:27 PM
I really enjoyed the two previous chapters of this game so I didn't even think twice about buying this one. I really enjoyed the game, though I do have 1 minor complaint. You have to collect pieces of a mosaic. When you get the pieces, the mosaic assembles itself. You collect pieces of a shield. When you get the pieces, the shield assembles itself. You collect pieces of a mural. When you get the pieces, the mural assembles itself. I would have loved it if those then became a mini game for using the pieces to assemble the various items. Each time, I looked forward to the "coming" puzzle which never arrived. Other than that minor complaint, I thoroughly enjoyed this and the previous games in the series and look forward to the next (last?) which I will buy and play with great enthusiasm.


Re:Reviews for Otherworld: shades of Fall CE

[Post New]by erins1 on Oct 29, 13 8:33 AM
I played all of the Otherworld games including the epilogues and the beta demo for this game. I have a lot of good things to say in this review .I also have some concerns; I want ‘Otherworld Winter’ to be good so I will say what needs to be addressed.
‘Boomzap’ seemed to listen to their reviews from ‘Omens of Summer’. As players requested there are more HO games, and less bombardment on the players with puzzles. As proof I checked the 2ND CE in this series there were 66 mini-games with 7 cut scenes. This game had 48 mini-games with 10 cut scenes. The games hint system is more clear because the developers added objectives, clear SGs, and access to the notes in puzzles. I liked how we kept some tools throughout the entire game. There was a vision in the first part of the beta demo that was improved on . Also in the beta demo our companion was right next to the map so it could be flustering trying to reach the map without also hitting him but this was fixed in the final game.
I liked the effects of many parts of the game including the one when we regain the sight. I enjoyed seeing the silhouette of the narrator, Fiona’s new outfit and hair style, seeing people in the town. The graphics were beautiful as usual with a note to detail I loved that we could see the characters lips move when they talked!
I loved the selection of fays that were seen in the game. I know the back story of selkies but not many other people know about them, and the brownies were adorable. The villains were scary and added a sense of urgency to the game play.
A lot of things were well intended but poorly executed. In the beginning of the game they gave the player a back story but did not include any story material from the epilogues. This was disappointing because if someone only had the SE or was new to the series they could be confused about who Storm cat or the hermit was, and for players that had the CE it raises the question to “Where Is the hermit now?” The epilogue promises to show the origins of the Shade. After playing the epilogue I have a more clear understanding of who he is and why he is so threatened by Fiona, yet I do not know his origins for instance wasn’t it mentioned before that he was an elder fay? The narrators voice change was a nice touch, but it happened so late in the series that it was a distraction.
A lot of characters felt misplaced; I thought the crow and scarecrow form ‘Summer’ fit better in here. While the dullaham fit in nicely we only see


Re:Reviews for Otherworld: shades of Fall CE

[Post New]by erins1 on Oct 29, 13 8:34 AM
in the epilogue.
The music is pretty but it should have different tones during some parts of the game. The puzzles were good but very similar to those in ‘Omens of Summer’ , and I for one miss the tracing puzzles. The voice over’s were perfect and expressed emotions such as urgency , anxiety and relief.
The achievements are nice but I got annoyed when we saw them at the end but they aren't complete if we did not play the bonus game. This is fine if you have the CE and play the demo because then they get added but if someone does not have the CE it is unfair. Also we can only play the demo once and after finishing the game. I can understand the purpose of playing it at the end the first time we play the game but I am sad that I can only play it once after I finish an entire game, or I have to start over.
Some people say that ‘ Otherworld Springs of shadows’ had a charm that this game lacked. My best suggestions to ‘Boomzap’ are to bring a balanced set of urgency and relief.( An example of urgency might be when the shades face shows up when we make a mistake.)( An example of relief would be the end of Summers epilogue when we sat down for tea.) Take advantage of the holidays coming up in Winter, continue to flesh out Fiona’s character and use the music to your advantage- the music can entrance someone, comfort them or scare them to death. Good luck

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Bonus chapter?

[Post New]by whcnp1 on Nov 1, 13 9:09 AM

If you notice, I rarely comment on games since there is already a lot of great reviews.Am I missing something?Is there a bonus chapter to play? If not I could have saved my money and waited for the SE. I could care less about concept art etc.

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Re:Reviews for Otherworld: shades of Fall CE

[Post New]by lovely62 on Nov 9, 13 1:56 AM
I enjoyed the game very much great job dev's and the game was beautiful and very creative..Thx dev's for all your hard work and time..Thx BF for this beautiful game..
I just finished the game hope to see more from these DEV's.. 's

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Re:Reviews for Otherworld: shades of Fall CE

[Post New]by luciusm on Sep 8, 14 12:35 PM
I really love these Otherworld games. I am hoping that there is a fourth one
that finally defeats The Shade. Devs?

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Re:Reviews for Otherworld: shades of Fall CE

[Post New]by yowzasma on Oct 21, 14 11:46 PM
I loved this game and have played the other 2 also : )
I totally agree with the positive reviews about it, I find that they are very descriptive in a way I wish I could write : )
The developers put a lot of work in it and it shows : )
I am giving this a full out of a possible 5
I thank my fellow Fishies for their reviews that I used in my decision to buy this

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