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Locations of the 26 cards (big-time spoiler LOL)

[Post New]by cat52 on Oct 17, 13 10:13 AM
Five cards can be found in each of the Acts except Act 5, which only has one.

Let's do this the spoiler way, with highlighting text!

Highlight below for Act 1 card locations:
1. At ticket booth by the entry
2. Just inside entry in the trash can
3. In Magic Tent, behind vase of purple flowers
4. In Magician's Dressing Room, in the band on the top hat
5. On the platform floor of the merry-go-round

Highlight below for Act 2 card locations:
1. Outside of the Clown Tent entry, on the ground in front of full trashcan
2. In the Shoot the Target booth, behind left bull's-eye target
3. Outside the Theater in front of the burning trash can
4. On the ground to the left of the Puppet Show entrance
5. Inside Puppet Show on the doll pair's (in purple dresses) left lap

Highlight below for Act 3 card locations:
1. On the ground by the overturned trash can outside 4-armed man's show tent
2. Under the Beast from the East's cage
3. To the left and behind lamp post outside 4-armed man's trailer
4. Inside 4-armed man's show tent at base of pillar on right
5. Inside 4-armed man's trailer under the table on the right

Highlight below for Act 4 card locations:
1. Outside Terror Tunnel by base of the street lamp
2. Just inside Terror Tunnel behind skeleton
3. In the room with the Pirate, behind the mummy, on the rock wall
4. Authorized Entry tunnel, on the floor by the left front easel leg
5, Closet at end of Authorized Entry tunnel, in a basket on the top shelf

Highlight below for Act 5 AND Act 6 card locations:
1. In the Theater on the black tree's base (only Act 5 card)
2. Magician's cell in crate on right
3. Room with broken gumball machine, on floor to right
4. Sewer room, in trashcan - can't get until you cross the water
5. Manhole cover room, leaning against the torn clown poster
6. Above ground, by the lip of the manhole

So, which one did you miss?

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