Caribbean Hideaway

[Post New]by frogsmom1_ on Oct 19, 13 5:53 PM
Stuck on chapter 98 --how do you get thru it???

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Re:Caribbean Hideaway

[Post New]by SynthpopAddict on Oct 19, 13 7:39 PM
Welcome to the pond, frogsmom1

There was a good thread LizzieK put up some time ago with strategy for 98 but it disappeared for some reason. I don't have a game in progress right now and can't quite remember where all the chains are in this level, but I want to say that the lowest row is double chained and the lowest row of the "arrowhead" corners is also double chained. Anyway, I think I run two ships through the very bottom row first to break all the chains there, then use a cannonball on each corner of the arrowhead, then a cannonball on one section of the lowest part. Then, it is just a matter of keeping up a good rhythm with the matches so that the army, hourglass, and hammer charge regularly and use them as soon as they are available...and keep doing that over and over. I typically use the hammer on the bottom corners and the corners in the arrowhead. It is possible to finish the level without using the lightning, but you can use the lightning on the Governor tiles since you have to match so many of them to meet that goal. Hope that helps and good luck!

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