Core of the Score

[Post New]by rosey3223 on Oct 19, 13 9:59 PM
Hello, I've had this game for about a month now, and as I've been playing, I've always "looked" at my finishing score (per level and then total at end of the game). I guess you could call me a hard core player because I've created other profiles just so I could beat the previous profile's score, lol. But something caught me today! It's actually always been on my mind since the beginning of me playing this game, but WHAT IS THE SCORE composed of?

Other games show the combination of buildings, materials, time, etc, that makes up the level score, but this game doesn't. I noticed that my base score was usually 7500+/- per level, but on other profiles, I would get over 8000, I'd get excited, but then wonder just what did I do to make it higher? Then I hit well over 9300+ on a level that was on a different profile, and now that just got me all excited and bothered at the same time. So today my focus was to create yet another profile and test some stuff out. I thought it was the silver factor, have more silver, get a higher score....nope. Thought it was the materials, had over 30 for each when done with the level....nope. Thought it was the time, got done with a level that proved difficult for me on other profiles...nope. Well then sheesh, just tried ALL possibilities all together, including having the max amount of a lower score than all other profiles.

I'm at a loss, really. So what is the core of the score?? I've spent hours researching today, and came up with nothing. I am hoping that maybe someone does in fact know.

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Re:Core of the Score

[Post New]by jmparke25 on Apr 11, 14 6:49 AM
I've noticed the same thing. Near as I can tell, as long as you get three stars your "score" is just a random number around 7000 to 8000. Doesn't appear to be related to the time you spent or anything else.

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