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Something to do in the Armory?

[Post New]by BlackDark on Oct 21, 13 10:15 AM

I created this new Topic because not everyone reads all of the Technical Comments.

If you have that Notification on your Map that there is something for you to accomplish in the Armory and you cannot discover ANYTHING that you can accomplish, I saw this exact same issue over this past weekend. I went just about nuts, trying to figure out what the heck the Game was saying I still had to do in the Armory.

In the Armory—after you've received the Code from the Captain’s Cabin—you'll discover a Fuse for that Cannonball, which you need to turn into a Bomb. And right under that Fuse is a Piece of Paper that shows you the Instructions on how to prepare the Cannonball; this Piece of Paper will go into your Journal if you find it. And as soon as I picked up that Piece of Paper, then the Notification for something to do in the Armory disappeared from my Map. The Piece of Paper is quite small, and it is rather hard to discover. Yeah; I know. I am fluent in Two Languages: Engrish [sic] and Profane. Guess which Language I used to comment on this Wonderful Piece of Paper when I finally found it? Go on; guess. Aw, you guessed.

I do hope this helps.


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Re:Something to do in the Armory?

[Post New]by scarlet834 on Mar 11, 14 9:08 PM
Thank you! Thank you!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

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