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Reviews for Grim Tales: Bloody Mary

[Post New]by NIMHURCHU on Oct 22, 13 4:08 AM
Based upon completed CE game, and SE demo.

Although not my personal favourite in the series, this is a fine, good quality game. The story is engaging, but predictable. The main plot is minimally supported in the dialogue and gameplay. The bonus chapter gives a more in-depth understanding of the villain, and is a prequel to the main story (SE). However, the plot is resolved in the SE version, and you don't need the CE for a conclusion.

Game graphics are outstanding in their clarity and detail, although I found that the red hue overshadowed the beautiful artistry. After playing the demo, I thought that the red hue was clever, but it became quite tiresome after several hours of gameplay. With so much red, it was difficult to appreciate the beautiful details of clouds passing by, rippling water, moss on trees and the grain in wood.

There are 3 modes of play: Casual, Advanced and Expert. Although there are no sparkles in Advanced and Expert mode, there are still black bar tips, and clues (often animated). For me, those animated clues were amusing, and I wasn't upset as they merely pointed to the obvious. e.g. Stick figure hitting a lock with a sledgehammer.

There are voiceovers, but no lip movements.

There is a diary.

There is a transporter map. Current location and active areas are indicated.

Note: For those who may be sensitive to bright light, there are bright flashes of white light when you try to transport to the mirror world via its own icon in the map. I chose to go to the mirror worlds via the mirrors in the "normal" realm, rather than the icon on the map, as there were no bright lights and movement was seamless.

HOS: There are 13 HOS. There are some interactions in HOS, and scenes were crisp and clear. Scenes were visited only once in the main game.

Hints: Hints provide the next step outside of HOS, but will not give directional, if you don't remember locations, you'll have to peruse the map.

HInts refill in approximately 35 secs in casual mode, 1 min in advanced mode, and are disabled in expert mode.

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Re:Reviews for Grim Tales: Bloody Mary

[Post New]by NIMHURCHU on Oct 22, 13 4:11 AM

Puzzles/Minigames: There are 18 puzzles/minigames. There were the typical matching patterns, but some were more unusual. I consider myself a puzzle novice, but I found 14 of the puzzles to be ridiculously easy, involving entering codes or simple trial and error. The rest were simply time consuming and of medium difficulty. Puzzle experts looking for a challenge will most likely be very disappointed.

Skip: Puzzles can be skipped in approximately 1 min in casual mode, 1 min 15 secs in advanced mode and cannot be skipped in expert mode.

Overall, I found that there was a nice balance between HOS and Puzzles. Although puzzles slightly outnumbered HOS, most were too simple, and even I would have welcomed more of a challenge. However, the simple puzzles helped me to move smoothly through the game with a minimum of frustration. I completed the main SE game in a little over 5 hours and enjoyed it immensely. I would highly recommend the SE version.

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Re:Reviews for Grim Tales: Bloody Mary

[Post New]by bfgDeveron on Oct 22, 13 8:56 AM
Heya NIMHURCHU, Thanks for getting this one started!

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Re:Reviews for Grim Tales: Bloody Mary

[Post New]by bfgDeveron on Oct 22, 13 8:59 AM
I also wanted to add that this thread has been reserved for reviews only.

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Re:Reviews for Grim Tales: Bloody Mary

[Post New]by JustTheFacts on Oct 23, 13 12:00 AM
Seriously Scary!


Spectacular start to the game. Blood drenched colour, the music is so ominous, the acting dramatic. A truly creepy beginning.

The game should be gloomy. Everything is coloured with blood red. Yet it is not. The graphics are clear, detailed and beautiful, and there is no trouble with seeing HOs or found items. The music, as I say, is positively panic-inducing right from the start. Coupled with the eerie sounds of children’s laughter, the whole package is quite devastating. It is, I think, the most frightening of all the games produced by this developer.

This game is the 5th in the Grim Tales series, and those who have played the other games will recognise our character of “Super-Auntie”, but I’m sorry to say, no more of our nephew Brandon. It is our niece who begs for our help, and it is her school that we race to.

After the first half hour or so, it's the school and the urban legend of Bloody Mary that we focus on. I didn’t really have any idea of what that legend was (it’s not one we have here), but it didn’t take long to figure out. You don’t to have played the other games, or be familiar with the legend to enjoy this game.

Bloody Mary seems to have manifested in the mirrors at our niece’s school. Teachers are disappearing and students are behaving weirdly. All of it has to do with the legend of Bloody Mary, and care must be taken to avoid mirrors after dark, or she will drag you into her world.

There are plenty of puzzles and HO scenes in this game, along with a lot of adventure tasks. There is a lot to do. It is all good fun, a little harder than easy, but not super difficult.

The beautifully drawn HO scenes have interactive lists, and if I had one criticism for this game it would be that there are not other styles of HO puzzle offered. There’s an interactive jump map that tells you where there are active tasks, not whether you can currently do anything about them, which is a bit frustrating. Hint is excellent, giving you concise instructions on what to do next. Both hint and skip are quick in the easiest of 3 game modes.

to be cont'd


Re:Reviews for Grim Tales: Bloody Mary

[Post New]by JustTheFacts on Oct 23, 13 12:01 AM

There is a huge list of CE extras that you’ll probably miss out on, but I was unimpressed with the bonus chapter, which seemed to have been sloppily put together and while it was long, was not very immersive or convincing.

There are the usual gallery items, including 2 screensavers, collectible figurines depicting terrors , more achievements than I had time to count, and a secret room. Oh, and cute critters.

The Secret Room contains the replayable HOs and puzzles were not unlocked until you had completed the bonus chapter. Then you play a kind of ‘readers digest’ version of the main game. You must find an item to unlock each HO scene and puzzle, by completing one of them. I thought that was worth the extra price.

This is a great game, in either version, although I prefer the CE with its extras. But if you’re not into that kind of thing, and achievements don’t grab you, this game would be an excellent buy.

I recommend this game!

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Re:Reviews for Grim Tales: Bloody Mary

[Post New]by lym_1609 on Oct 27, 13 5:55 PM
Ths is scary this is good, if you dont get it, this will be your regret!!!

Scarierly good, all bells and whistles despite not being CE

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Re:Reviews for Grim Tales: Bloody Mary

[Post New]by LadyJane50 on Nov 8, 13 3:15 PM
Another fantastic Grim Tales game!

Graphics are just beautiful - clear and detailed. The music fits each scene. There were many little "surprises" throughout the game. When you moved your cursor over dolls their eyes would glow; toys would play music, radio would turn on and off. Very...Nice...!

The Hint button was very helpful and the map was interactive. I just love that the SE gave us a really complete ending. So many games leave you disappointed.

The Grim Tales series is one of my favorites, and I am pleased that this one was as good as the others.

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Re:Reviews for Grim Tales: Bloody Mary

[Post New]by roaming on Nov 9, 13 12:03 AM
I'm on the fence. The game is seriously spooky, and I do like spooky. The graphics are beautifully drawn. The puzzles are ridiculously easy, like playing paper dolls, so no challenge there, which doesn't matter to me since I skip them anyway. But apparently they do advance the story by telling you what happened to the children.

But I found that I kept needing hints, because it isn't always clear -- in fact, often not clear -- what to do with or where to use the items you've collected in your inventory.
Mostly you're just going from one confusing task to the next (going back and forth A LOT), and that's it.
Unfortunately, the demo ends just as you get to the "mirror world," so I wasn't able to tell if that would be any fun or not.

Actually, now that I think about it, I'm not on the fence. Clicking hints isn't my idea of fun, so no... I'll pass on this one.

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Re:Reviews for Grim Tales: Bloody Mary

[Post New]by layzeedaisy on Dec 7, 13 12:29 PM

I agree that it's a very good game, well done, well drawn, interesting story, etc etc.

BUT, I agree even more with whoever wrote:-

"Mostly you're just going from one confusing task to the next (going back and forth A LOT), and that's it."

This game epitomises the latest trend from all devs of "to and fro", "back and forth". It beats me why I have to find something in the garden, cellar, or attic, that has to be used in the kitchen, hall, or some other room.

I must be getting old(er) because all this travelling is getting on my nerves. Towards the end of this game, or even maybe from the middle of it, I just used the hints and jump map, because going back and forth for neither rhyme nor reason seemed so darned pointless.

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Re:Reviews for Grim Tales: Bloody Mary

[Post New]by shagwendy on Oct 21, 14 8:37 AM
I'm halfway through and I just can't stand to finish it. It's not at all scary, just stupid black fog, yet again. I'm not feeling the storyline at all, it's just totally boring to me. I don't like the Grim Tales series but I always end up buying them because of the good reviews, but I guess I march to the beat of a different drummer. Unfortunately I bought this in a BOGO along with G.T. The Vengeance, hopefully I'll like that one a bit better, but no more Grim Tales for me after this. I don't like the Mystery Tracker series or Hallowed Legends either.
The puzzles weren't really puzzles, things like press the six buttons in the right order, open a safe by pressing numbers, when you pressed the right one it locked, then press them again until the next number locked, I could set my cat on the keyboard and she would eventually solve the puzzle just walking on it, lol.

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