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Pump in clock

[Post New]by pumpky on Oct 23, 13 2:17 PM
I cannot find get the pump in the clock There is glass still in it and when I click the magnifier a message says that there is something in the clock but does not tell me where to find it. I click on hint and the arrow goes to finding the third symbol. Can anyone help with this. I will appreciate any help Thanks

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Re:Pump in clock

[Post New]by SeverineSnape on Nov 18, 13 12:13 AM
You need two things to open the clock, a symbol, which is behind the painting in the parlor, and the code on the painting with the doves in the hallway beside the parlor. Once you have both, put the symbol on the clock and change it until it shows the code from the painting.

ETA sorry, just noticed this question is from weeks ago. I hope you found it in the meantime!

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Re:Pump in clock

[Post New]by MarylandCrab on Aug 14, 14 9:36 AM
I am unable to find the symbol for the clock. Where is it?

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